Food Services

Food Pantry

Open Tuesday & Friday, 12pm-3pm

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The food Pantry is located at 5 Swetts Bridge Rd in Alfred. We serve hundreds of families every year, and collect food from various places including four Hannaford stores, Walmart, and Good Shepard food bank. We have a dedicated volunteer force that helps collect and distribute the food to those who struggle with food insecurity. The food pantry is one of the many tools which YCSP views as a way to help prevent homelessness and food insecurity in our community.

During the holidays we provide specific Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes, complete with all the fixing of a traditional dinner including, a Turkey or a Chicken. Last year we provided food to over 75,000 units of service to our neighbors in need. This was over 20,000 food boxes, including the over 2,o00 boxes distributed for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information regarding our food pantry please email,



Phone: 207-324-8811 

We bake for sale a number a products ranging from pies and specialty breads to cookies and pastries. It is the policy of the bakery to provide quality fresh baked products and nutritious food to all customers with the utmost courtesy at all times! The proceeds from the sale of bakery products help support all of our client driven programs. 

The bakery does more than just bake goods for the community. It also serves as a Job Training program for homeless individuals in need of job skills training and placement. For more information on our Job Training programs, including the bakery's role, click here.

The bakery and training program is located on Shaker Hill Rd. in Alfred, Maine, home of the Brother's of the Christian Instruction, who ran the bakery from 1931 until 1984, producing "Brothers' Bread" for their community and area residents. 

Catering Services

LEtour chefs help you plan Your special occasion

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Whether it is a wedding, reunion, family party, or a simple backyard BBQ, with our years of experience we assure you of your satisfaction. Our services are available on site or wherever you may need our professional staff. We have various menus available and we can be very flexible, accommodating what you may want at your event! For more information or to book our catering staff please email: or contact us