Jobs Training

Developing job skills for the 21st century

With dignity and respect, our Jobs Training Program offers an opportunity for the people in our care to learn new competencies. Lacking a stable income and the skills needed to secure and maintain a job is one of challenges people facing homelessness report. The goal of YCSP is to ensure that we not only house people, but that we address the causes that led them to our doorstep. Developing job skills is of prime importance. The purpose is to assist client trainees learn the basic job skills and work values needed in a competitive employment market. The knowledge our residents learn while in the Job Training Program will surely assist them in getting and holding employment.

Maintenance Job Training:

Our Maintenance Job Training Programs aims to teach residents that latest in building and remodeling. Starting from the ground up, residents learn the basics on a variety of tasks all under the supervision and guidance of our professional and skilled maintenance staff. 


Food Services Job Training:

Our Food services Job Training Program offers a wide range of opportunities for our residents. Whether it is learning the art of catering and feeding hundreds of people, or whether it's learning about basic food sanitation, our Food Services staff are the best to learn from. With years of experience, our Food Services staff take a hands on approach to teach the necessary skills needed to enter the field of food service and food prep. We feel the skills being taught and learned will surely assist our residents well into the future.