Addiction Services

If you are in need of addiction services and have questions regarding our programs, please call 207-324-1137 


YCSP now offers DEEP. "The Driver Education and Evaluation Programs (DEEP) are the Legislatively mandated (5 MRSA c.521, Sub-c. V) Operating Under the Influence (OUI) countermeasures programs in the state of Maine. The goal of the programs is to lessen the incidence of injury, disability and fatality that results from alcohol and other drug related motor vehicle crashes, and to reduce the risk of re-offense for OUI." - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, D.H.H.S.

If you or someone you know is in need of DEEP, please email Kate Meredith, LCPC, LADC, CCS, for more information,

Intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program (iop)

YCSP's Intensive Outpatient Program is available through for individuals throughout the community that are in need and suffering from addiction. Homelessness is not a requirement to access treatment. This is a 6-week program utilizing both individual and group counseling. Additionally, these services, like all YCSP programs, are available for people with and without a payor source. There is Free Care available and IOP & DEEP Program Manager, Kate Meredith, LCPC, LADC, CCS, is working on a a 6-month Aftercare service for those that have completed IOP.  

For more details about IOP at YCSP, please click here. To connect with Kate, please email:

Serenity House (Residential Treatment)

In the heart of Portland, located on Mellen St, The Serenity House is the longest residential treatment program in Portland. YCSP merged with Serenity House in 2012 and we continue to build upon the reputation of providing accessible and high quality addiction treatment. With YCSP and Serenity becoming one, we have been able to provide services much more efficiently and effectively, which continues to be a guiding principle of YCSP. 

The Serenity House has 16 male beds and offers intensive SA treatment through one on one counseling, peer to peer mentoring, in-house groups, and community engagement. All admissions into Serenity House are handled directly through the Serenity House. 

The Serenity house is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by licensed and experienced addiction counselors and professionals. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, they do not need to go through it alone! There is an incredible recovery community in Portland and other cities and townships throughout the state. Please contact us for more information about the Serenity House, our other treatment facility Ray Anger's Farm.

For questions on admission and screening procedure at the Serenity House or Ray Anger's Farm, please call 207-324-1137 or email,

Senator Angus King Visits YCSP's Serenity House!

YCSP's Serenity House Holiday Party had an awesome turnout of family, previous Serenity House graduates, YCSP staff, Board members, and very special guest, Senator Angus S. King, Jr.! Thank you so much to all who attended and shared in this evening of community, family, and recovery - which is the focus of Serenity House's Leadership First approach to treatment. Treating addiction goes beyond the individual, and moments like tonight are wonderful reminders of the impact family and friends play in our lives. Big thanks, again, to Senator King for speaking with the men residing at Serenity, their families, and YCSP staff!

Ray Anger's Farm (Residential treatment)

This old farmhouse is owned by YCSP and provides 2 permanent housing rooms and 12 residential treatment beds, for a total of 14 males.  Located in West Newfield, Maine, The Farm provides individual bedrooms with community living space. Residents interested in the residential treatment program must have a substance abuse diagnosis and an interest in continued treatment.  The Farm offers a working, therapeutic environment with gardens, animals, and job responsibilities to help clients learn new skills which all work together to enhance the recovery process.  The 2 permanent beds will be filled by individuals who have graduated from the residential treatment program, and who are interested in continuing to reside at the Farm while they seek a more permanent housing solution. Like Serenity House, YCSP's other residential treatment facility, individuals seeking placement at the Farm will connect with the Farm directly for admission requirements and screenings. Please contact us for more information regarding this and other programs we offer. No one needs to struggle alone!