Serenity House

A place where treatment and community come together

In the heart of Portland, located on Mellen St, The Serenity House has been providing Substance abuse treatment for years. YCSP merged with Serenity House in 2012 and we continue to build upon the reputation of providing accessible and high quality SA treatment. With the two agencies becoming one, we have been able to provide services much more efficiently and effectively, which is a guiding principle of YCSP. 

The Serenity House has 16 male beds and offers intensive SA treatment through one on one counseling, peer to peer mentoring, in-house groups, and community engagement. All admissions into Serenity House are handled directly through the Serenity House. 

The Serenity house is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by licensed and experienced addiction counselors and professionals. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, they do not need to go through it alone! There is an incredible recovery community in Portland and other cities and townships throughout the state. Please contact us for more information about the Serenity House, our other treatment facility Ray Anger's Farm, or for additional resources:

Senator Angus King Visits YCSP's Serenity House!

YCSP's Serenity House Holiday Party had an awesome turnout of family, previous Serenity House graduates, YCSP staff, Board members, and very special guest, Senator Angus S. King, Jr.! Thank you so much to all who attended and shared in this evening of community, family, and recovery - which is the focus of Serenity House's Leadership First approach to treatment. Treating addiction goes beyond the individual, and moments like tonight are wonderful reminders of the impact family and friends play in our lives. Big thanks, again, to Senator King for speaking with the men residing at Serenity, their families, and YCSP staff!

For more information on the Serenity House, click here!

Serenity House Empowerment Talks

YCSP Serenity House employee Lisa Curran and SA Supervisor Ed Hall have created a wonderful new speaker series aimed at bringing to focus the importance of individual empowerment, leadership, and community responsibility. Here is a full list of our speakers up to this point!

Chomba Kaluba: Our first speaker was University of Southern Maine (USM) professor Chomba Kaluba! Chomba created an amazing dialogue regarding empowerment and community engagement. Thank you for kicking these Empowerment Talks off professor Chomba! 

Chris Poulos: Chris has spoken and shared his story with several audiences, large and small, including a TED talk, which you can check out, here.

Richard "Dicky" Earles: Dicky' is a YCSP Serenity house success story and is hugely respected and known in the recovery community. Dicky has an incredible story and is currently in college pursuing a career as an addiction counselor.

Dicky did want to spotlight YCSP's Michael Rodriquez. Michael has been a huge part of Dicky's recovery and has been a tremendous voice and support for so many struggling with the disease of addiction. Thank you, Michael and thank you Dicky for continuing to give back! The talk had a big impact on the men.

Here's a link highlighting Dicky's story in the news:…/portland-man-shares-st…/…

Al Joyce, Aka- Felon O' Reilly: Felon O' Reilly has an unbelievable past and he was happy to share some funny and also somber accounts surrounding the perils of addiction, life of crime, prison mentality, and the loss of loved ones. He has been 15 years sober and was a big impact on the men. 

Lisa Silverman: Lisa discussed the importance and benefits of healthy eating, mindfulness, walking meditation, and how she connects with her spirituality. It was a beautiful talk and incredibly uplifting!