About Us

We believe all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Our goal is not only to help people secure housing stability, but also to reach their fullest potential. We want to challenge the status quo and believe we can resolve homelessness, hunger, and help people recover from addiction and the other causes that have led them to YCSP. the We have emergency shelters for individuals, families, and children. There is 24 hours staff and on-call at our shelters and everyone in our care has an opportunity to receive one on one care. We offer multiple in-house educational groups that are focused on increasing our resident's abilities to live healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives. The mission is to assist people avoid the pitfalls of becoming homeless continuously, while instilling a sense of community. 

We offer medical care through the support and collaboration of Nasson Health Care, as well as psychiatric care and counseling services for those interested.  In addition to the services that happen in Alfred, we also offer addiction services for people in the community and in our emergency shelters. YCSP also has two Residential Treatment houses in West Newfield (Ray Anger's Farm) and in Portland (The Serenity House). Homelessness is not a requirement to enter our Substance Abuse Addition services and programs, which includes DEEP and IOP.    

YCSP also encourages people, in all of our programs, to participate in community service through our Bakery, Food Pantry, community events, the shelter itself, or the community in which they are residing. Clients are expected to volunteer and participate regularly while residing with YCSP, and may even work towards becoming part of our Job Training programs. In this same vein, we work with the Springvale Career Center, the Veterans Administration (VA), and the Dept. of Corrections to help our residents pursue their economic and employment goals.

In addition to clinical services, medical care, and Job training, there is a housing department on the campus in Alfred that helps our client’s complete applications for different housing assistance programs, as well as manages our properties in the surrounding communities, all of which are occupied by previously homeless families and individuals. All total, on any given night, YCSP houses approximately 350 - 400 people.

On a final note, we operate one of the largest food pantries in southern Maine. Last year the YCSP Food Pantry distributed approximately 20,000 boxes of food to our hungry neighbors in York County. Each box represents an average of 3 people or over 70,000 units of service. We, also, prepared and served over 100,000 meals for our residents and our friends who eat at our Free Meals Kitchens in Springvale.