York County Shelter Programs help people move forward.

We opened our doors 40 years ago to give homeless residents of York County a safe place to sleep. Today, we are much more than a shelter: We also help people address problems that led to being homeless. We help people face what can seem like insurmountable challenges. If you or someone you know is homeless, contact us at 207-324-1137 or info@ycspi.org.


We have just launched  “A Year of Care,” our fundraiser for our adult and family emergency shelters. Our goal is to raise $23,360. 

How did we arrive at this number? It costs $44 a day to care for a resident at the adult shelter in Alfred and $20 per day for an individual at the family shelter in Sanford. So the cost of caring for one person a day at both shelters, over the course of a year, is $23,360. 

Our expenses include building and grounds maintenance, heat, utilities and meals. We also provide professional services for mental health and addiction recovery. We help people move into stable housing. We provide job skills training. Last year we gave shelter to 700 people.

 “We are hoping that people will understand how far a small donation can go,” says Michele Staples,YCSP’s Chief Financial Officer.“We are able to provide so much to people for a relatively small amount of money. We have been able to do this with the help of local businesses and people who just want to extend a hand.”

 We hope you can help us. Thank you! You can make a donation by going to our Facebook page or by mail. Our address is: York County Shelter Programs, 24 George Road, Alfred, ME, 04002. Our Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/ycspi/?eid=ARCfOxtr4jdlt2EVHFmPLesi4qrG1suQmahcC_Vmo7to2z-JBG6bAG9mkBfJOmvE4E2ENJUiZOenZJ6C

Our Mission:

York County Shelter programs is committed to ending homelessness and helping people reach their potential through Housing, opportunities and resources.

Our Vision:

We Believe in a community where food, Shelter, Health and Opportunity Are available to all.

The Ray Angers Farm in West Newfield. The farm provides former shelter residents with permanent housing.

”Together we can make our community a better place.”

Bob Dawber  |  Chief Executive Director


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People tell their stories of finding hope, with the help of York County Shelter Programs.