We Are More Than a Shelter.

York County Shelter Programs was created 40 years ago to help people who had nowhere to turn. We started out as a homeless shelter (read more about us in our history) and over time became an agency that helps people address issues that may have led to homelessness – crippling challenges such as mental health issues and substance abuse.  We also help people who have experienced financial distress and find themselves unable to afford housing.


York County Shelter Programs

Changes Lives.

Whatever the circumstances are, it is our goal to help people address these challenges so that they can create better lives.

Homelessness is prevalent in the United States. Consider this: According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, about 553,000 people were homeless on a single night in January of 2018. This is an increase in numbers, for the second year in a row. About two-thirds of the homeless individuals stayed in shelters or transitional housing, while one third were “unsheltered” – meaning they slept on the street, in cars, abandoned buildings, woods and other  makeshift  places.

Here is an overview of our efforts to help homeless individuals and families, as well as those in need of food. These are the numbers gathered from 2018. Included is information about the help we receive from volunteers, who are essential to our organization.

  • York County Shelter Programs gave shelter to 700 people in 2018.

  • Our food pantry feeds about 3000 people per month.

  • We receive essential support from our volunteers, who gave us over 30,000 hours of help in 2018.

Our volunteers:

·         Work in the dining room in the kitchen

·         Work in the Food Pantry at 5 Swetts Bridge Road

·         Work at the Notre  Dame Spiritual Center

·         Work at the seasonal bakery

·         Help with Mama Mia public dinners, held during the summer

·         Help with the Shaker Hill Apple Festival

·         Help with maintenance and the grounds

·         Drive people to appointments

·         Drive meals to our off-campus facilities

·         Teach classes

Essential Needs

We are here to provide essential needs: food, clothing and shelter. Without them, it is impossible to move forward, to create long-lasting change.

We have emergency shelters for adults in Alfred and for families in Sanford.

We have staff at our shelters 24-7.

We also have a food pantry at 5 Swetts Bridge Road in Alfred that is available to anyone in need of food. Call us at 207- 324-1137 if you need shelter or food or know someone who does. You can also email us at info@ycspi.org

Our Navigators

We assign navigators to every new resident. Our navigators help residents address the issues that led to homelessness. This may include therapeutic help for mental health issues, treatment for substance abuse, and medical help. We partner with agencies such as Community Action Programs in Sanford, which assists clients with housing, child care, financial issues and health insurance. CAP also offers dental and medical care at Nasson Health Care in Springvale for people without insurance or financial resources.


We ask our shelter residents to volunteer for YCSP programs. We believe that participation is critical in helping people establish a sense of connection, purpose and community.  

Job Skills Training

York County Shelter Programs provides job skills training opportunities.  Residents can learn job skills by working with our maintenance crew or in our food services department.


YCSP owns and manages 120 housing units in southern Maine. Our goal is to help shelter residents move into either transitional or permanent housing.