YCSP’s Bookstore: Books Revisited

Books Revisited, a cozy used bookstore on Main Street in Sanford, offers book lovers incredible deals – and at the same helps support the York County Shelter Programs.  The store, which has been owned by YCSP since 2015, embodies the word “donation.”  All of the books sold have been donated, and all of the staff, including its manager Marie Barnes, are volunteers.

Books Revisited opened in 2000, when it was first created to help support a hospice program overseen by a Saco healthcare agency.  Marie, who had been a volunteer at the store for about 11 years, assumed the role of manager when YCSP took over in 2015.  She oversees a crew of volunteers who are kept busy sorting through donations, filling dozens of shelves and helping customers.

The store is well-designed, with books separated by genre and alphabetized, and chairs available so people can sit and browse. A children’s area includes a colorful mural and a table for little ones to thumb through books. The average price of a paperback is 50 cents, and hard covers average $1. However, there is also a “Free” box; Harlequin and Silhouette novels are a mere dime, and newer books can range up to $8. The store is known for its storewide half-price sales every April and October.  Marie also creates displays for monthly specials.

Although the store is primarily filled with books, it also has donated puzzles, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes for sale.

Anyone interested in donating items in good condition can leave them at the store, which is at 882 Main Street. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Pam Buck at YCSP, at pamb@ycspi.org or 324-1137, ext.150.

The store is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM.  490-1320. It also has a Facebook page under its name.